Social Worker Montreal



  • We offer placement and relocation services by qualified and experienced social workers.


Welcome to Social Worker Montreal

Our trained social workers understand that life can sometimes present us with difficult challenges and obstacles.

We also understand that the public health care system, although free of charge, can have lengthy wait times for services. Difficult situations may not always be able to endure this. At Social Worker Montreal, we have staff available to assist you as quickly as possible. We specialize with conducting Psychosocial Evaluations for children, adults, and the elderly who may be at risk.

We offer the following services:


Is your child having difficulties and you do not know where to begin? Our trained social workers can assess the situation and guide you. We also offer support services.


Is your elderly parent or spouse suddenly becoming more and more forgetful and you just do not know where to begin to get the help that they need and deserve? You can put your full trust in our team of social workers to assess the situation and implement an intervention plan.


Our team of qualified social workers are trained to offer support services during difficult life situations.

Please contact us at 514-290-4235 for more information on how we can assist you.