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  • We offer placement and relocation services by qualified and experienced social workers.



About Me:

My name is Michele Bayno and I am registered social worker in the province of Ontario. I completed my Special BSW with Honors at McGill University in the year 2000. My life long passion has been helping others during difficult life situations. I have turned this passion into a career with the hopes of sharing my expertise and life experience with others. Together we can make a difference.

I have over twenty years working and volunteering experience in both the public and private health sector. My experience comes from working in hospitals and community services.

My journey began in the helping profession at the age of 12. Passion ignited in me when I started volunteering weekly in a long term care facility. I knew then, how rewarding it was to help. Through out my teen age years I continued volunteering in long term care facilities.

My courses in university had a strong focus on the aging population and the issues that surround them. I also gained valuable experience taking counseling courses. My stage took place in a university teaching hospital, where I was mentored and taught by many experts in the health care field. I graduated and immediately embarked in my career in the health care field.

Over the years, I have gained valuable experience working with the elderly population and the issues that surround them. Grieving, and loss is a significant issue that impacts the elderly and their families. It was an honor for me to work with this population and provide counseling to them.

I also gained valued knowledge from working with families that are in crisis, working in hospital emergency rooms, surgical units, special needs populations, maternity wards, and geriatric units. I have also had the privilege to work with individuals and their family members touched by alcohol and drug use, child abuse, and domestic violence. I have extensive experience assessing a situation, stabilizing it,  and than linking all of my clients to the appropriate resources that they require.

As many of us know, life can take us on paths that we were never were prepared for. My own life has been touched with autism and special needs parenting. No amount of textbooks prepared me for this journey that I have embarked in. It has taught me to be humble, proud, and accept what is. This has also taught me to be the voice for my children, and be their advocates. It also opened the door for me to deal with my own grieving and losses that special needs parenting can bring.  Autism has also taught me that no matter where we are in life, we can still create a life that matters.

I want to share my life experience and expertise to create a life that is significant and meaningful for you.

Compassion to your unique situation is always  my priority.


Services that I Provide:


Support and Counseling

I provide support and counseling for caregivers to cope and manage with stress, and preventing what is known as “caregiver burnout”.


I also provide grief and loss counseling concerning the issues that surround the elderly and special needs parenting.


Clinical Case Management


I provide clinical case management with children, adults, and geriatric populations.

Assessments, recommendations and referrals. I complete a Biopsychosocial Assessment. The biopsychosocial assessment refers to a series of questions asked at the beginning of the treatment of an individual that obtains information about the major physical (bio), psychological, and social issues of the individual.


Assessment and crisis intervention.


Assistance with paper work and forms.


Discharge Planning: this includes a needs assessment, case management and collaboration a with medical team concerning discharge planning from a hospital. I use a multi-disciplinary team approach concerning client/patient care.


Consultations concerning several difficult life situations.


Home visits. This includes creating safety care plans so the person can remain safe in their environment.




A voice and advocacy during meetings at your children’s school.


Make referrals and link individuals to other community resources.


Supervised Visits and factual observation notes.