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Services and Rates


Our team of qualified social workers can assist you with the following:

*NEW SERVICE*- We are now available for consultations by:  telephone, email, and Skype.

* Required psychosocial reports for the opening of protective regimes, and completion of the homologation of the mandate, also known as the mandate of incapacity (Curateur du Quebec).

* Supervised visitation- Supervised visitation allows parents in high conflict or high risk situations access to their children in a safe and supervised environment. The noncustodial parent has access to the child only when supervised by another adult.

*Consultation and evaluation of a situation requiring an intervention

*Long term follow-up (Case Management) concerning a person living in a  difficult situation. This service may be ideal for an adult child living out of town and far away from an elderly parent or relative.

*Support during difficult times.

*Crisis intervention

*Referral to private day centers for the Elderly

*Referral to drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers

*Referral to woman shelters for those wishing to escape an abusive relationship

*Referral for a child at risk

*Referral to appropriate centers depending on the needs of the client

* Assistance in searching for a residence or nursing home in both the public and private sector

* Accompany you when visiting residences and nursing homes with an eye of what to look for

* Completion of Psychosocial Reports

* Assessment of needs in the elderly person’s home

* Our qualified team of social workers can meet with you at your home, office, or other location of your choice

* Flexible schedule

*Receipts are provided and can be claimed by most insurance plans.


*Fixed rates or hourly rates are available.